Dome Sessions

Most movies run for about 25 minutes, and our sessions are usually 45 minutes to one hour in length.

45-Minute Session
A typical 45-minute session includes one full dome movie and some question time. It is followed by Stellarium, a tour of the nighttime sky, including the placement of planets, constellations and major stars. Stars are displayed over the ceiling of the dome and are accurate for any date, time and location.

One-Hour Session
A typical one hour session is as for a 45 minute session, but allows further time for questions and more in-depth detail. Alternatively, we can show two movies, followed by a tour of the nighttime sky.

Worksheets and Timetable
We provide a CD folio of worksheets, a star chart and an invoice on our arrival (approximately one hour before start time). The timetable is to your choice – we forward a timetable for you to complete and return.