Fulldome Movies

The portable dome can also be a travelling cinema, where the film totally surrounds the audience, watching in the comfort of a ventilated, inflatable dome.

With spectacular and amazing images zooming across the dome, we bring the excitement of a major theatre into your school, hall, or library, with films on many topics including full curriculum-linked astronomy presentations.

We provide an "on the road, go anywhere" cinema which captivates and excites audiences of all ages, combining learning and entertainment, with an ever-expanding library of new films.

Teaching and Holiday Movies

Our films fall into two streams: Teaching movies for school incursions for Kindergarten to Year Twelve students, and Holiday movies for fundraising and social events at fetes, club meetings, shopping centres, festivals, holiday care, libraries and fundraising presentations.

See here for the Teaching movies suitable for school incursions.

See here for the Holiday movies suitable for social and fundraising events.