The Dome Experience

Students always enjoy the Science Discovery Dome experience, and teachers report lasting levels of learning retention from student involvement and interaction. Our inflatable domes travel to schools anywhere in country and city Victoria, which means a huge cost saving on buses and trains, and avoids much of the associated fuss of excursions.

General Information

Domes must be set up indoors, and need electrical power. Students sit on the floor so carpeted areas are more comfortable. The equipment is heavy so ground floor venues are preferred, with access for parking nearby. Domes are available in two sizes:
Note: for security, access to domes must be restricted during recess and lunch. All domes allow easy wheelchair access. The main features include: an airlock doorway, fire retardant materials, quick emergency exit.


To benefit from our pricing, many schools are now increasing their incursion activity by simply booking for additional classes or included topics, easily implemented by our trained presenters.

The more classes involved, the lower the cost, because our pricing is based on the activity level required during an incursion – it costs us the same if we come to teach two classes or six – and of course, our dome incursions save schools on the costs of transport.

Co-ordinators could consider including more classes by mixing age groups or topics for best prices. Where over 300 students are involved please consider using the Giant Dome, which is also useful for school community activities.

Deposits are not required. An invoice is forwarded a week before presentation and settlement is requested on day of presentation.

Please contact us for our latest pricelist or a quotation. Note: GST is refunded to schools.